Well Pak Machinery Tec Co., Ltd.

Well Pak Machinery Co., Ltd, the team has started beverage filling machinery manufacturing and technology developing since 1998. the factory is located in China’s “golden waterway”, at the southern bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province. Well Pak Machinery Co. is the collection of technology research, manufacturing, service as one of the beverage machinery professional manufacturers.

We Focus on Filling Technology 20 years more.

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Our Services

Project Evaluation

Basic project evaluaton is necessary. It is a free service from us. Bottle type, filling speed, local raw material supply, marketing plan, potential development etc.

Machinery Introduction

Different machines are needed to match different specific filling requirements. A complete filling line is an engineering project, all necessary machines together to achieve expected goal.

Raw Material Supply

PET Granules, PET Preforms, Caps, Raw Water, Sugar, Additives, Flavors, Raw Juice or other raw drink, Glass Bottles, Cans, Labels, Packing Material like Paper Carton, Film, Pallet, Strap etc.


Under general conditions, machines require our engineers to client’s fac for installation and guide. We will send experienced and professional mechanical and electrical engineers to do that work.

Spare Parts Supply

Machines need good maintence to ensure its longer running life. We have a big spare part storage to ensure daily machine production and customer after-sale service.

Lifelong Care

Our machines can run for more than 20 years. We have perfect document record on machine mechanical drawing, electrical programming. Anytime ready for service.

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Three Most Applications

100-2500ml Small Bottle
3l/5l/10l Big Bottle
18.9l/5 Gallon

Water Filling Group

Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks
Juice/Tea/Flavor Beverages
Milk/Dairy Drink etc

Beverage Filling Group

Carbonated Soft Drinks
Cola/Spirit/Gas Water/Drink
Beer/Carbonated Alcohol

CSD Filling Group

Featured Products

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How to Improve Automation Saving Labor

Intelligent Packing System Solution

Film Shrink-wrapper, Paper Carton Packer,Smart Conveyor
Palletizer, Robot Packer/Palletizer, Pallet Strapper, Pallet Wrapper, Pallet Racking Storage

Beverage Production Plant/Food Plant/Logistics Workshop etc

Packing Machine

Packing Machine Mainly Refers to Those Machines after Labeling, Before Storage, Like PE Film Shrink-wrapper, Paper Carton Packer, Robot Packer

Palletizer-Straping Machine-Pallet Wrapper

Palletizer to Replace Manual Pallet Loading, High Automation, Improve Efficiency, After Palletizing, as to Full Pallet Products, Sometimes Strapping Machine or Pallet Wrapper Needed

Robot Working

In This New Times, Robots are Placing a Quite Important Role in People’s Daily Life, and More in Industrial Modern Production. In Beverage Plants, Robot Packer, Robot Palletizer Very Common and Popular

Intelligent Conveyor & Storage

Conveyors are Connecting Every Single Machine, Delivering Goods to Final Storage. Intelligent Conveyor can be Strong Assistant to Complete High-automation Function Perfectly. Carton or Pallet Racking for Storage is An Amazing Result.

Most Advanced Technology


Save Rinsing Water, Save Factory Space, Lower Consumption
Top Level Filling Technology for Beverage Factories,
First Choice fo High-Speed Filling Line

Speed from 12000BPH to 36000BPH

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Can Filling Expert

Can Filling for Various Kinds of Beverages

Can Filling Expert

  • Canning Juice Drink
  • Canning Carbonated Soft Drink
  • Canning Beer
  • Can Bird’s Nest Drink
  • Can Seamer for Various Can Sizes
  • Canning Drink with Pulp or Fruit Piece or Granules

Can Line Filling & Packing System

  • Empty Can Depalletizer
  • Empty Can Rinser
  • Can Filler-Seamer
  • Warm/Cool/Pasteurizing Tunnel/Retort Pasteurizer
  • X-ray Inspector
  • Blow Drier
  • Date Printer
  • Packing Machine

4-in-1 Filling Technology

4-in-1 Filler Monobloc Juice with Pulp Beverages

  • Orange Juice with Pulp
  • Flavor Juice with Pulp
  • Juice with Coconut Pulp
  • Juice with Aloe Vera Piece
  • Other Drink with Aloe Vera
  • Basil Seed Drink
  • Bird’s Nest Drink
  • Grape Pulp Beverages
  • Pineapple Pulp Beverages

High-Level Filling Technology

  • Suitable for True Hot Filling Process
  • Long Shelf-life without Preservatives, Natural and Original Beverage Nutrition and Taste
  • Equal Pulp Content for Each Bottle
  • Autoclave/Retort Pasteurizing Not a Must after Filling, Higher Production Efficiency
  • Kind Bottle Container Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Our factory is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China. About 2 hours drive from Shanghai International Airports.
We are focusing on beverage filling machines and complete filling lines for more than 20 years. PET Bottle filling lines, glass bottles and can filling lines.
Please call us or email us an inquiry. Also please mention some necessary details: like beverage type, filling speed,bottle size, label type, packing type, single machine or complete line.
Under our technical support and training, if you are still not experienced enough to handle our machine installation, we will arrange engineers to fly to your fac to complete that work.