Beer Filling Line

General Introduction

Our beer filling lines include glass bottle beer filling, aluminum can beer filling, PET bottle beer filling, and aluminum bottle beer filling.
Speed from 2000bottles per hour to 36000bottles per hour.

Beer is alcohol drink, different from soft drinks.
but the beer brewery and fermentation system for beer plants, from view of machinery, they are mostly usine a similar processing, only capacity small or big.
Due to beer features itself, beer is very sensitive to oxygen(air), if oxygen content can not be controlled well during filling, the beer taste and shelf life will be affected a lot.
Oxygen content control can be the no.1 technical consideration for beer filling valves.
Well Pak has enough experience for all kinds of beer filling. Please contact us for details.

Beer Packing Type

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Key Points on Beer Filling

We know Oxygen is a big factor to damage beer taste and quality in a quick period,
so oyxgen content control during filling process is a very important topic.

We have done beer filling machines for more than 20 years.
Our glass bottle beer filling machine applies high precision mechanical filling valves with twice evacuation. The high pressure fobbing device will minimize the oxygen content and upgrade the beer quality. The valves feature no bottle no vacuum. Giving counter pressure with CO2, and other technological process of double evacuation normal, the filled beer does not foam much after pressure releasing. To prevent air from entering bottle neck before capping, imported fobbing device is installed. With high speed machine, 2 fobbing jet can be equipped, thus to ensure minimum air content in bottle neck after capping.

During pressurizing or filling, the filling valve will close automatically in case of bottle explosion due to bottle quality. The current will be flushed. Fully stainless steel magnetic hopper. The sorting, distributing and placing of crowns by magnetic. The advantages are less deformation and large and smooth throughput. Reliable capping with automatic unloading to decrease breakage ratio.

Beer Pasteurizer

  • Beer Pasteurizing Tunnel after Filling.
  • 8-10 Temperature Sections
  • PU Value Adjustable 10-35
  •  Total Time: 45minutes
  • Sterilizing Temperuatre: 61℃

The machine is single-layer, single-channel chain network pasteurizer. the tunnel is kind of a frame structure. It adopts high speed ratio transmission and variable frequency speed regulation. Large flow spraying, continuous chain network transmission, smooth operation, good water permeability. Adopting PID temperature automatic control or PU value automatic control, the control precision is high, the temperature reaction time is short, and the energy is saved. It is used for sterilization of bottled beer, fruit wine, sparkling wine, beverage and food.

Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine

Can Beer Filling Machine