Can Beverage Filling Line

As a can beverage filling line supplier, Well Pak has been quite professional and experienced since 1998. Canning is one of the most 3 popular packing types for liquid beverages. The other two are PET bottling and glass bottle packing. We can provide turn-key solution for various can beverages.

In beverage field, according to can material: there are Plastic Can (PET can), tin steel can, aluminum can.
Depends on different non-carbonated soft drinks, the after-filling treatment machine can be also different. For example: no special machine needed for those flavor beverages with perservatives adding; cooling tunnel needed for hot filling line; pasteurizing and cooling tunnel needed for some beverages like juice; autoclave (retort) needed for some beverages like diary drink.

Common Can Sizes and Can Ending Models

Common Can Sizes

  • Slim Can
  • Fit Can
  • Standard Can

Common Can Lids

  • 200 Ending
  • 202 Ending
  • 206 Ending

Flow Chart

Raw Material Supply

Empty Cans, Can Lids, Sugar, Raw Water, Beverage Raw Material (like sugar, juice, additives, flavors etc.), Plastic Film or Paper Carton , Pallet(Wood or Plastic).

Beverage Preparation Unit

It can be divided by 5 systems: Sugar Mixing System; Beverage Mixing System; Sterilzing System; CIP System, Auxiliary System.
Sugar Mixing System: to provide concentrated syrup for beverage mixing system.
Beverage Mixing System: mix concentrated syrup, water, other raw beverage flavors, additives to get ready beverage same as the formula need.
Sterilizing System: after getting ready beverage from beverage mixing system, it still needs an important step, which is sterilizing, to keep long shelf life for market.
CIP System: to provide hot water, acid, alkaline liquid to wash and sterilize all tanks, pumps, filters, pipeline contact beverage.
Auxiliary System: it can include cooling tower, water chiller machine, steam boiler etc.

Empty Can Infeed Unit

Considering of empty can supply by pallets. Semi-automatic can depalletizer or fully automatic depalletizer is needed. Its function is to send empty cans to filler-seamer one by one. For some special projects, manual feeding way can be possible.

Rinser-Filler-Seamer Unit

Rinser is seperated from filler-seamer, washing cans passing through the rinser channel by hot water. It is a sanitary requirement to reach food-grade level.
Filler-Seamer can be a key machine for a complete can filling line. Seaming Rollers from Taiwan or European brands make a double gurantee on stable running performance, high automation at high speed, more single machine efficiency.

Inspector Unit

Beverage quality control should be always at No.1 position. Different from PET bottles or glass bottles, cans are not visual. Quality control work can not be replaced by operators, even for filling lines at a small speed. So those inspectors for liquid-level, drink with extra metal inside, can lid seaming quality or can outlook damage, become options for specific filling projects.

Treatment Unit after-filling

it depends on what kind of beverage. It can need no other treatment machine, cooling tunnel, pasteurizing & cooling tunnel, or Autoclave (Retort) Sterilizer.

Filled Can Packing Unit: According to market need or investment budget

PE Film Shrink-wrapper: Platic Film Wrapping Pack, a grouped pack contain 2*3 cans, 3*4 cans, 4*6 cans, 6*6 cans or other array design.
Paper Carton Pack: a carton pack contain 2*3 cans, 3*4 cans, 4*6 cans, 6*6 cans or other array design.
Palletizer and Pallet Wrapper: In convinence for storage and transportation, palletizer is an option to replace manual palletizing.

Can Beverage Filling Machine Models

Model YGF12-4 YGF18-4 YGF24-6 YGF36-6 YGF48-8
Marketing Price
Rated Capacity:330ML 100CPM  150CPM 200-300CPM 400CPM 600CPM
Number of Working Positions 12 Filling Heads, 4 Seaming Heads 18 Filling Heads, 4 Seaming Heads 24 Filling Heads, 6 Seaming Heads 36 Filling Heads, 6 Seaming Heads 48 Filling Heads, 8 Seaming Heads
Applicable Filling Beverage Non-carbonated Beverage Drinks
Applicable Can Material  Tin Can, Aluminum Can, PET Can
Applicable Can Model  #200, #202, #206, #209