Can CSD Filling Line

Well Pak Co provides can filling lines for carbonated soft drinks, like cola, soda water, sparkling water, energy drink, fizzy water etc. Can Filling Speed starts from 2000cans per hour to 36000cans per hour. We have several filling speed model options for choice, so that it can easily match different project’s requirements.

For our standard can csd filling machines, main drive applies motor, open type gear driving. Filling Valves are inner assembled mechancial valve. Washing and Pressure Backup by CO2. Centralized Lifting Device. Seaming by double seaming rollers.

Since from 2010, our company has upgraded the filling valves from common csd filling valves to beer type filling valves, which brings us an advanced technology step forwad than others. Usually beer filling valves are used for beer filling. When we use them for csd filling, it makes many things become easier: perfect filling liquid level, good drink taste by keeping maxinum original CO2 content, higher single machine efficiency due to stable filling.

Common Aluminum Can Show

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Flow Chart

Introduction for Can CSD Filling Valves

First Generation CSD Filling Valve

Isobaric Mechanical Structure, Easy Operation and Maintence.

Beer Type Filling Valve for CSD

If the filling speed is higher than 12000BPH or the blower capacity is not enough for directly infeeding to filler, bottle unscrambler is a good option. Also it can work for many different kind of bottle sizes easily.

Can Filling

Flow Meter CSD Filling Valve

Blower Directly Infeed to filler is a high-level industry running way. It saves labor, with higher automation and eifficiency. Also it can avoid possible manual pollution. What is more important, it will reduce the production consumption. Raw Material Cost is the lowest.

CSD Can Filling Machine for Sale

Model DYGF9-2 DYGF20-4 DYGF30-6 DYGF40-8
Marketing Price
Rated Capacity:330ML 60-80CPM  150CPM 300CPM 400CPM
Number of Working Positions 9 Filling Heads, 2 Seaming Heads 20 Filling Heads, 4 Seaming Heads 30 Filling Heads, 6 Seaming Heads 40 Filling Heads, 8 Seaming Heads
Applicable Filling Beverage Carbonated Soft Drinks
Applicable Can Material  Tin Can, Aluminum Can, PET Can
Applicable Can Model  #200, #202, #206