Juice with Pulp 4-in-1 Filling Line

General Introduction

How to fill juice with pulp drink is troubling many beverage factories. Popular drinks: drink with coconut fruit piece, orange drink with pulp, juice with aloe vera, juice with grape piece, bird’s nest drink, basil seed drinks, other various mixing drinks with aloe vera or coconut fruit pulp.

Their technical needs like Hot Filling Temperature,CIP funtion, filling valve no recycle no stuck, average and equal pulp content in each bottle, no crash or damage to pulp fruit pieces, long shelf life without perservatives adding, all these points are daunting to many machinery suppliers.

Our filling machine applies 4-in-1 filling process for juice with pulp drink.
4-in-1 refers to rinser-piston doser-liquid filler-capper.
Pulp part and liquid juice part will complete filling seperately.
Piston doser is a perfect choice for high viscocity material(like sauce, ketchup, fruit jam), fruit pulps, liquid with granules or particles. It is okay for fruit piece size within 5*5*5mm, piston doser valve volume maximum limit up to 1000ml.

Flow Chart

Production Reference for 4-in-1 Juice with Pulp

Pulp Material Supply Unit:Pasteurizing tanks with screw pump

All raw pulp will be put into pasteurizing tank and treated there. Pulp will be pasteurized at 85-90℃ for 30-60minutes. Then the pasteurizied pulp will be pumped through screw pump.
The reason why screw pump is chosen here is that screw pump has a big gap to protect fruit piece from squeezing or crashing during tranfering. It is quite suitable for fluid with high viscosity or granules(particles).

Liquid Juice Material Supply Unit:
Sugar Mixing System-Beverage Mixing System-Beverage Sterilzing Machine

According to the drink formula, apart from pulp, liquid juice part will take care of all other. Sugar melting, then syrup mixing with water, juice, ingredients, and addictives together. An important step to care: sterilizing machine before pumping to juice filler.

We suggest it should use hot fill process for production: Pulp 85℃ pasteurizing 30 minutes, liquid juice UHT 135℃ 5-15seconds, hot fill type bottles filling temperature 85-90℃, after filling with a pasteurizing and cooling tunnel(85℃ pasteurizing 10-15minutes). In this way, juice with pulp drink can maintain good nutrition and taste, meanwhile a long shelf life 6-12months but without preservative adding

Filling Technology

Piston Doser

Pulp filling machine will play a role to fill the pulp products into the bottle; all the contact parts with the products are adopted stainless steel material and special materials, comply with food sanitary requirements. Filling valve is a key part of the machine, plunger-type ration filling valve is special used for filling solid state suspended substance products or certain viscosity products.

The valve is installed on the filling cylinder through positioning screw, pressure plate and pin position; the valve has two working positions: one is closed valve for the liquid inlet, with the function of opening and closing of valve idler wheel, the pilot valve drives operating loop running to the valve shut state, the valve nozzle is shut by operating loop, the plunger moves up with the drive of lifting idler wheel.

The products in the filling cylinder is inhaled to the plunger valve cavity through the perforated hole of operating loop with cylinder; the other is filling with opening valve, with the function of opening and closing idler wheel, the operating shaft drives operating loop to opening valve state, the perforated hole of operating loop is closed, the plunger moves down with the drive of lifting idler wheel, the products in the plunger valve cavity are extruded, and filling to the container under the valve through perforated hole of operating loop; the adjustment of filling capacity will be achieved through the adjustment of elevator idler wheel, the valve of filling scope is 0~1000ml; the contact parts with valve and products all adopt materials conform to the food sanitary requirements。 The machine adopts filling with no touch of bottle mouth.

Liquid Filler

  • Special and Unique Design
  • Filling Valve Wider Mouth
  • No Liquid Recyle
  • No Filing Valve Stuck
  • Long Hard Pipe with a Gravity Buffer Space

It is advanced unique filling valve, no spring in the valve, and no touch with the spring for the products, which will help the cleaning of the internal valve. PLC control, frequency control; bottle neck clip filling technologies; upper cylinder and lower recycle cylinder is connected with hard pipe; gravity filling, negative pressure reflux; unique material temperature control system and liquid level automatic inspection.

Filling valve is a key part of filling machine; it’s fixed to the rotary table. The products enter into the PET bottle through valve while filling. When the bottles have been filled, there are a small amount of products and bubble along with the gas out.

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PET 4-in-1 Juice with Pulp Filling Machine Models

Model RXGGF18-8-18-6 RXGGF24-15-24-8 RXGGF40-15-32-10
Marketing Price
Rated Capacity:500ML 5000-6000BPH 8000-10000BPH 12000-13000BPH
Number of Working Positions 18 Rinsing, 8 Pulp Filling, 18 Juice Filling,  6 Capping 24 Rinsing, 15 Pulp Filling, 24 Juice Filling,  8Capping 40 Rinsing, 15 Pulp Filling, 32 Juice Filling,  10 Capping
Filling Valve Type

Pulp Filling Valve: Piston Dosing Type

Juice Filling Valve: Hot Filling, Non-Filling-Return

Rinsing Water Consumption 1.2T 1.8T 3.0T
Install Power 3.5KW 5.5KW 9.0KW