PET Bottle Hot Filling Line

PET Bottle Beverage Filling Line covers a lot of beverages, like juice beverage, tea beverage, flavor drinks, energy drink, dairy drink, yogurt drink etc.
Filling Speed from 2000BPH to 40000BPH for 500ml bottle.
Considering of filling temperature for different beverages, Well Pak Manufactures beverage filling machins as following types:

  1. Room temperature filling: 25-40℃ , with perservatives.
  2. Warm temperature filling: 50-65 ℃ , with preservatives.
  1. Hot filling: 85-92℃, with UHT before filling, hot fill type bottle, without preservatives, long shelf life 6-12months.
  2. Cold chain filling: 4-6℃, for pure juice, dairy drinks, cold chain storage and marketing, shelf life from 7 to 30 days.
  3. Asepic cold filling: 25℃. It is a top advanced filling technology, with aseptic beverage preperation system and aseptic uht system, aseptic filler under aseptic environment, shelf life
  4. 24months, not hot fill type bottle, without perservatives.

Video for a PET Bottle Beverage Filling Line

Hot Filling Line-Reference

  • Beverage: Suitable at hot filling temperature
  • 85-92℃ Filling temperature
  • PET Bottle: Hot Fill Type, Bottle neck crystalized
  • Beverage UHT Sterilzing before filling: commerical aseptic grade
  • Filling Machine: Hot Fill Recycle Gurantee
  • After Filling: Tilting Chain Sterilizer & Cooling Tunnel
  • Beverage Formula: without perservative adding
  • Shelf Life: 6-12 months
  • CIP Cleaning: Necessary
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Flow Chart

Beverage Mixing & Sterilizing System

Sugar Mixing Unit

Generally a Sugar Mixing Unit includes sugar melting tank, transportation pump, filter, PHE

Beverage Mixing Unit

Beverage Mixing means mix all raw material together according to the drink formula. Mixing tanks, pumps, filter are needed.

UHT Sterilizer Unit

UHT Sterilizer: Ultra High Tempeture Sterilizer, this step is to get a reasonable shelf life for marketing, at the same time keep the drink taste good.

CIP Unit

CIP: Clean-in Place. Its function is to clean and sterilize all drink contact pipeline, tank, valves, pump before filling and after filling.

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PET Bottle Beverage Filling Machine

Model RXGF14-12-5 RXGF18-18-6 RXGF24-24-6 RXGF32-32-8 RXGF40-40-10 RXGF50-50-12 RXGF60-60-15
Marketing Price
Rated Capacity:500ML 3000-4000BPH 6000-8000BPH 8000-10000BPH 15000-16000BPH 16000-18000BPH 18000-20000BPH 24000-26000BPH
Number of Working Positions 14 Rinsing, 12 Filling, 5 Capping 18 Rinsing, 18 Filling, 6 Capping 24 Rinsing, 24 Filling,  6 Capping 32 Rinsing, 32 Filling, 8 Capping 40 Rinsing, 40 Filling, 10 Capping 50 Rinsing, 50 Filling, 12 Capping 60 Rinsing, 60 Filling, 158 Capping
Filling Valve Type Hot Filling
Rinsing Water Consumption 1.0T 1.2T 1.8T 2.2T 3.0T 3.6T 4.5T
Install Power 3.0KW 3.5KW 3.5KW 5.5KW 9.0KW 11KW 11KW
Machine Overall Size 2200*1550*2650mm 2830*2200*2700mm 3130*2400*2750mm 3430*2700*2750mm 4300*2930*2750mm 5100*3825*2750mm 5300*3950*2750mm

How to Start a PET Bottle Beverage Filling Line Business

1. Business Idea

What kind of beverage to do? Almost Every Success comes from a thoughful plan before action. There are hundreds of beverage drinks. A clear and confirmed choice makes things become easy and move forward smoothly.

By drink content: mineral water, pure water, flavor drink, juice drink, milk, dairy beverage, carbonated soft drinks, energy drink, Fizzy Drink, Tea and coffeed drink, Sparkling water, beer, Alcoholic Beverages etc.

By bottling container:
PET Bottle, Glass Bottle, Can, PE/PP Bottle, Tetra Pak, Plastic Pouch, Cup, other.

By potential market need:
A success to a drink, means it is popular in market. The market need is a key point to choose what kind of drink.

2. Production Line Machinery Confirmation

Different beverage drink, it has different processing flow chart. So specific production machines are needed. After beverage drink confirmed, bottle type confirmed, we can move to the production machinery needed.

For example, a project to make PET bottled water. That can be the simplest .
The related machinery can include following system
1. PET bottle preform injection system: to prepare preforms as raw material for bottle blow molding machine.
2. Bottle blow molding system with air compressor: to produce PET bottle by ourselves, in this way, no need to buy ready PET bottles from outside. In a far view, it will save much raw material cost.
3. Water treatment system: if the bottled water is not100% original natural drinking water. We need a water purification and treatment system to get the drinking water as we expect.
4. Filling-labeling-packing system: the exact machine models will be chosen according to project requirements, like filling speed, label type, packing type.

3. Raw Material Preparation

PET Granules, PET Preforms, Caps, Raw Water, Sugar, Additives, Flavors, Raw Juices or other raw drink, Glass Bottles, Cans, Labels,Packing Material like Paper Carton, Film, Pallet etc.

According to the specific project, in order to make production easier and save raw material cost, we can buy machines to make some raw materials like PET preforms and caps.

But as to other, like PET granules, sugar, additives, beverage flavors, beverage additives, preservatives, glass bottles, cans, labels, platic film, paper carton, pallet, we should buy from market. If we buy machinery to produce them, that will become another business, not beverage business, it is meaningless and no need.

4. Other Necessary Preparation

Workshop Construction: Production area, quality control area, raw material area, storage area, tranportation area, office area, filling line future developement spare area etc. As to the workshop scale needed it will depend on filling line speed.

Power Energy Preparation: Electric power should be considered earlier. It will affect a lot if there is a power shortage.

Labor Preparation: Even it is a fully automatic production line. It still needs several operators to take care of those machines. Workers to prepare raw material, operators to take care of machine running, workers to handle storage, workers to do goods transportation etc.

5. Production Team

Experience makes things become simple.

An experienced and professional team can be one gurantee for the business success. They can give an reasonable work schedule to run the beverage plant, for each section, to avoid unnecessary mistakes, save cost, improve work efficiency, make the factory run smoothly on a right track.

Anyhow Well Pak will also provide strong support on machinery operation train and beverage production experience, to ensure our filling line is running perfect.

Business profits actually can be made from two parts. One is from marketing; the other, in some way easier under control, it is from management and production cost, which can be achieved by a professional team and a qualified high automation filling line.

6. Marketing & Branding

Marketing should be always a primary task. Marketing good or not decides whether a company can survive from the keen competition environment. Production quality decides how long a business can survive.

Good marketing brings the direct profits and keeps injecting power to production lines. The company can grow big quickly by enlarging exisiting products and extending more products.

A popular brand values a lot for marketing. Its vatality will be not restriced by only one certain beverage. It becomes an image of a company’s credit on gurantee of beverage quality.

Beverage taste, quality, concept, price, sale agency, bottle design, label design, adverterising, consumer experience feedback, all these factors will build a strong brand quickly.

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