PET Bottled Water Filling Line

Well pak company-Experienced and professional manufacturer for PET bottled water filling line in China. PET Bottles is one of the most 3 pack in beverage industry. As to PET bottled water, it has a huge demand for people’s daily life. In recent years annual bottled water production was even up to total more than 500 billion bottles. Water is the source of life. People can not live without clean and safe drinking water. Our company is helping more and more water factories to grow their bottled water business. In Africa, our filling lines bring safe drinking water to thousands of people.

In market, bottled water is not so complicated: natural drinking water, mineral water, pure water (RO water), oxygen water, distilled water etc. A set purification water treatment system can get the water quality as we need. Anyhow a good raw water source means a lot to a water factory. A clean, natural and famous water source can help to build a strong bottle water brand easily, like water from some mountains or rivers.

As to the bottle size, a filling machine have some limits on bottle dimensions. So not all bottle size can share one same filling machine.

  1. 100ml- 2500ml PET Bottle, generally they can share same water filling machine, speed from 2000BPH to 50000BPH(500ml).
  2. 3L/5L/ 8L/10L: these bottles, we call it big bottle, our standard water filling machine can work for them, speed from 200BPH to 3000BPH.
  3. 18.9L/ 5 Gallon: they can be also called 5 gallon. Their filling system will be totally different from small bottle filling, as in market, 5 gallon will be recycled for filling. So a safe clean process on recycled jars seems more important than filling-capping.
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Flow Chart

Empty Bottle Infeed

Manual Loading+Loading Cage Infeed

For some small filling speed lines or economic investment, Manual Loading is a very useful and practical choice. Normally this kind of empty bottle infeed can match speed less than 12000BPH.


If the filling speed is higher than 12000BPH or the blower capacity is not enough for directly infeeding to filler, bottle unscrambler is a good option. Also it can work for many different kind of bottle sizes easily.

Blower Directly Infeed

Blower Directly Infeed to filler is a high-level industry running way. It saves labor, with higher automation and efficiency.  Also it can avoid possible manual pollution. What is more important, it will reduce the production consumption. Raw Material Cost is the lowest.

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Rinser-Filler-Capper 3-in-1 Monobloc

Model XGF14-12-5 XGF18-18-6 XGF24-24-8 XGF32-32-10 XGF40-40-12 XGF50-50-15 XGF60-60-18
Marketing Price
Rated Capacity:500ML 4000-5000BPH 7000-8000BPH 10000-12000BPH 16000-18000BPH 20000-22000BPH 26000-28000BPH 28000-30000BPH
Number of Working Positions 14 Rinsing, 12 Filling, 5 Capping 18 Rinsing, 18 Filling, 6 Capping 24 Rinsing, 24 Filling,  8 Capping 32 Rinsing, 32 Filling, 10 Capping 40 Rinsing, 40 Filling, 12 Capping 50 Rinsing, 50 Filling, 15 Capping 60 Rinsing, 60 Filling, 18 Capping
Filling Valve Type Mechanical Filling Valve-Gravity Filling
Rinsing Water Consumption 1.0T 1.2T 1.8T 2.2T 3.0T 3.6T 4.5T
Install Power 3.0KW 3.5KW 3.5KW 5.5KW 9.0KW 11KW 11KW
Machine Overall Size 2200*1550*2650mm 3130*2400*2750mm 3130*2400*2750mm 4300*2930*2750mm 4300*2930*2750mm 5100*3825*2750mm 5300*3950*2750mm

Labeling Machine

Machine for PVC Sleeve & Shrink Label

For PET bottled water, shrink label is a very common choice. As shrink label machine, its investment is more economic; easier operation, more reliable and stable performances for high speed  running.

Machine for OPP Hot-Glue Label

In recent 10 years, along with more and more perfect hot-glue labeling technology, Hot Glue Label becomes another common choice. Hot glue label can give a high-level outlook for bottled water. What’s more important, continuously large quantity production can reduce a huge raw material cost.

Machine for Adhesive Label

Adhesive sticker label has its only advantages. For small speed, easy label requirement, the price for the labeling machine is very low. It is an easiest choice to start a bottling water business. Also adhesive label can complete the need on those special bottle pack designs.

Packing Machine

Manual Packing

Under some conditions, a big pack machine, fully auomatic packing will be really not necessary. Like filling speed  small, easier and economic labors, at the business beginning stage, manual packing is a practical option.

Plastic Film Shrink Pack

In beverage production line, for convivence of product storage and long term transportation, a machine using plastic film to pack bottles into groups. According to different marketing need or transportation need, a pack group can contain 2*3, 3*4, 4*6, 5*8 bottles, or other kind of customized commination.

Paper Carton Pack

Paper Carton pack is a widely used packing way for goods in food & beverage industry and most other industrial business. Paper Carton Pack can improve the products marketing image. Also strong paper carton pack can match bad transportation conditions.

Water Treatment System

  1. Pretreatment: Sand Filter-Active Carbon Filter
  2. Precision Filter-Safety Filter
  3. RO for Pure Water/UF for Mineral Water
  4. Ozone Sterilizer/UF
  5. Filtered Water Tank and Pump
  • Tank Material: SUS304
  • Water Pump: Grundfoss or Nanfang China
  • Valves: Yuanan
  • Membrane: DOW (USA)
  • Capacity: 1T/H to 100T/H