Blow Molding Machine mainly means PET Bottle Stretch Blow Molding Machine.

The full automatic blow molding machine are developed and researched by us on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and aiming at the trend of high speed and high capacity, which can be used for the blowing of PET bottles. The machine is featured with reasonable structure, less power and air consumption, stable running, etc., which meets relevant national food sanitation requirements and shows the leading status domestically.

How it works

1). Pre-forms are loaded into the hopper, which holds up to 3000~4000 preforms at a time.

2). Preform elevator moves preforms up to a gravity-based sorter, which aligns preforms on a conveyor.

3). Preforms are then aligned and loaded onto a chute, where they are gravity-fed into the preform holders.

4). The preforms move through the heat tunnels, where they are heated to the optimal blowing temperature prior to entering the molds.

5). From the heaters, preforms are loaded into the custom-designed molds where four or six bottles are blown at a time. A pressurized liquid chiller keeps the mold temperature in a controlled range to ensure that consistently high-quality bottles are blown.

6). The blown bottles are moved out of blow molder by robot arm and conveyed into air conveyor of filling machine.


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