Water filling machine is a filler monobloc with rinser-filler-capper function for mineral water, pure water, RO water, still water, oxygen water, or flavor water. Mostly water filling machine refers to PET bottle water filling. There are also other kind of water filling machine, like glass bottle water filling, plastic pouch water filling, cup water filling.

Groups of PET bottles filling: 100-2500ml Small PET Bottle; 3L/5L/10L etc Big Bottle, 18.9L/5 Gallon Barrel.

As to the filling speed:
100-2500ml Small PET Bottle: 2000BPH-40000BPH(500ML)
3L/5L/10L etc Big Bottle: 200BPH-3000BPH(5L)                                18.9L/5 Gallon Barrel: 100BPH-2000BPH


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