48000BPH Automatic Rotary High Speed Labeling Machine RYRS-836

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48000BPH Automatic Rotary High Speed Labeling Machine RYRS-836

48000BPH Automatic Rotary High Speed self-adhesive Labeling Machine RYRS-836



Product Features

◆This model is suitable for round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, ellipse, conical bottle, special-shaped bottle, realize single-sided, double-sided, full-circle labeling, positioning labeling

◆Using the screw to separate the bottle and the bottle feeding star wheel to cooperate with the bottle feeding, the product flows in and out smoothly and stably when running at high speed

◆Chinese and English touch operation stepless variable speed system, only need to set the capacity on the man-machine interface when adjusting, and the speed of conveying, separating bottle screw and in and out bottle star wheel will be changed at the same time, without separate adjustment of each part

◆Using special sensors to collect the positioning points and cooperate with the servo station motor, and realize precise fixed-point positioning and labeling through PLC system control

◆Using 750W high-power, high-torque, ultra-small inertia servo motor to deliver the standard, the delivery speed can reach 60m/min

◆Label feeder: adopts three-pillar structure, 8-dimensional space adjustment, three-stage tension spring clutch control, and uses independent servo motor to recover the bottom paper. The force is even, and the bottom paper is prevented from breaking; the label sending tray and the bottom paper receiving tray 1 :1 design, the bottom paper label tray can hold three rolls of label bottom paper at a time

◆Automatic centralized lubrication system, which automatically lubricates the main moving shafts regularly, which is convenient for maintenance and prolongs service life

Technical Parameters

Power supply 380V 50Hz 12KW
Tendering spee stepless automatic transmission
Maximum label diameter Φ350mm
Inner diameter of label paper core Φ76.2mm
Maximum label height 205mm
Minimum label height 15mm
Maximum size of the sticker diameter≤85mm
Labeling accuracy ±1mm (related to the shape of the object)
Use air source 5KG
Machine size 3000*2800*2300mm

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

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