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5 Gallon Barreled Water Filling Machine

The 20 ltr water jar filling machine specially produces gallons bottled drinking water.The machine is a new kind of barreled water auto-producing line, which integrates mechanism, electricity and pneumatics technologies together.This line also can automatically carry out bottle washing, sterilizing, filling, capping, counting and products discharging.In order to achieve the purpose of washing and sterilizing, bottle washer adopts multiple liquid injections washing and disinfectant spray, and washing solution can be used circularly. The sealer can seal bottle caps automatically. All the parts contacting the water and other liquid is made of stainless steel, whose surface is polished, easy to clean.



General description
QGF automatic barrel filling machine is exclusively used in producing 3/5 gallon barrel water.
The production line can do automatically washing, sterilizing, filling, capping, barrel-out, with a good appearance, easy operate, low-loss energy & save water, high working efficiency. The frame of the machine is welded by 38*38 stainless steel square tube, with the characteristic of high intensity, good rigidity, light weight, aesthetic appearance, easy washing etc.

Main features
1. Implementing agencies is completed by the pneumatic system of automatic control procedure, automatic line detection, to achieve full automation
2. No bottle no washing, no bottle no filling, no bottle no capping
3. with change clock pulse to control filling accuracy
4. Only change some change part, this machine can filling 3 gallon barrel. (User should supply 3 gallon sample barrel).
5. The spraying nozzles of this machine import technology of USA spraying company, promoting spraying.
6.Adopting new type filling valve, prevent filling overflow.
7.Side-flow water channel, side-flow water tank, making it easy to clean the machine.

Technical parameters
1. Output capacity: 600barrels/h
2. Barrel type: Φ56×Φ270×490 mm
3. Max. Water consumption: mineral water/purified water 12.8T/h, with filling 9T/h, washing 3.8T/h.
Washing process and time:
1)Sterilize water inner rinsing 40s/barrel (two step)
2)Water drip & drain 20s (one step)
3)Cycle water inner rinsing outer spraying 40s (one step)
4)Water drip & drain 20s (one step)
5)Sterilize water inner rinsing 40s (two step)
6)Sterile water inner rinsing 40s (one step)
7)Water drip & drain 40s/barrel (one step)
4. Overall dimension: 5700×2150×1800mm
5. Power:6.5kw
6. Weight: about 2100 KG

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