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PVC Label Sleeve & Shrink Labeling Machine

Sleeving and Shrinking Labeling Machine is one of the most technological machine among the second down-pack machinery. It is widely used in food and beverages industry.



When the bottle-pushing electric eye finds that there are bottles coming over and Think that it is necessary for continuous production; the bottle-feeding-screw starts to Work, pushing bottles forward (The Function of the bottle-feeding-screw is to divide the bottles to move forward at same distance from different infeeding distances.)

Then The bottles enter the core unit of the labeling system. When the labeling eye senses bottles passing by, it immediately transmits the information to the control center PLC, and through PLC successively and continuously issue four instructions: label feeding, positioning, cutting and brushing. When the label brushing is done, the labeling process for a bottle is completed, and then bottle with label enters the label sorting and shrinking unit.

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