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RXGGF 24-15-24-8

Name: PET Juice with Pulp 4-in-1 Filling Machine

Speed: 8000BPH~10000BPH (500ml)

Working Position: 24 Rinsing, 15 Pulp Filling, 24 Liquid Filling, 8 Capping

Suitable Bottle: Diameter 30mm-110mm, Height<325mm

Filling: Beverages with Pulp



General Description

This Machine Series is specially designed for PET bottle beverages filling with pulp, like Juice, Tea Drink, Dairy Drink etc.

Air conveyor is connected with 4-in-1 monoblock directly. Bottle transport adopts neck-fixing way. its advantages:

(1) when user needs to change bottle size but bottle diameter does not change or just changes a little, our machine no need to be adjusted to switch for different bottle size. When bottle diameter changes bigger, it only takes very short time within 10-30minutes to replace change-over parts. It is very convenient for user and saves the cost and time of switching bottle formats.

(2) It avoids second pollution to bottle mouth.

Main Parts Brand

Material for Main Structure SUS 304
Material for Filling Valve SUS316L
Main Motor SEW/ABB
PLC Siemens/Mitsubishi
TouchScreen Pro-face/Mitsubishi
Frequency Inverter Mitsubishi/Danfoss
Air Switch Schneider
AC Contactor Schneider
Breaker Schneider
Relay Schneider
PowerSwitch Schneider
Photoelectric Switch Turck/Sick/Keyence
Proximity Switch Turck/Sick/Keyence
Pneumatic Components Festo/CAMOZZI/SMC
Sliding Bearings Igus
Seals Busak Shamban

Technical Parameters

Model RXGGF24-15-24-8
Working Position No.Capping 8 Rinsing 24,Pulp Filling 15,Filling 24
Capacity 8000-10000BPH(500ml)
Air Pressure 0.7Mpa
Air Dosage 0.8M3/min
Rinsing Water Pressure 0.2-0.25Mpa
Rinsing Water Consumption 1.8T/H
Filling Way Hot  Filling
Main Motor Power 2.2KW
Total Power 3.5KW
Machine Size 4200*2400*2750mm
Weight 5600KG

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

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