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PBXGF 32-32-10

The machine is special used for glass bottle beer filling; adopts high speed rotary automatic bottle rinsing, bottle bottom delivery conveyor manner, isobar mechanism valve, filling fast and high accuracy of filling liquid level. Rinsing//filling/capping 3-in-1 machine.



(1)The Filler applies high precision mechanical filling valves with double evacuation. The high pressure fobbing device will minimize the oxygen content and upgrade the beer quality. The valves feature no bottle no vacuum. Giving counter pressure with CO2, and other technological process of double evacuation normal, the filled beer does not foam much after pressure releasing. To prevent air from entering bottle neck before capping, imported fobbing device is installed. With high speed machine, 2 fobbing jet can be equipped, thus to ensure minimum air content in bottle neck after capping.

(2)Modular drive transmission (building block system), i.e., drive transmission by fixed close gear and gearbox combination. Frequency inverter infinite speed variation allows wider speed adjusting range. The machine is lubricated automatically, features highly efficient, low noise and lengthy. The drive system is equipped with separate oil and grease lubricating system, which can be refilled regularly.

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