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Machine Name: Fully Automatic Linear Blow Molding Machine Servo Type

Speed: 12000BPH (500ml)

Suitable Bottle: PET Water Bottle, Bottle Diameter 30mm-95mm, Height<240mm

Type: Servo Type

Mold: 9 Cavities




Main Features

1. Preform feeding system: single channel Preform feeding and star wheel Preform feeding are adopted to effectively solve the problem of abrasion between stuck Preform and bottle Preform.

2. Revolution system: it adopts special chain, driven by servo motor, to make its heating unit stable in motion, fast positioning and low noise.

3 Heating system: the rotary bottle blowing machine mode is adopted for heating and conveying, which can reduce energy consumption and greatly improve heating speed and quality.

4. Mould system: high pressure mould locking technology is adopted, with no expansion and fine clamping line. The mould is of drawer type structure. Four fixed pull rods are used on the back plate of the mould for positioning. It can be easily replaced within half an hour.

5. Stretch & Blow system: the cycle time of one blowing and two blowing can be adjusted, and each pull rod can be adjusted independently according to different tube Preforms and different bottle types of customers, with high flexibility.

6. Electric control system: pneumatic and electrical components are of international famous brands, touch screen control system is easy to operate, with perfect monitoring induction setting, fault diagnosis function, automatic calculation report function, and master the production efficiency of each shift.

7. Cooling / chilled water circulation system: a cooling channel is set under the heating box to block the heat of the lamp tube when the bottle Preform is heated, so as to protect the mouth from deformation. Chilled water to the mold, rapid cooling mold, improves the overall productivity and efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Type Item Data
Machine Model BLM-09-S
Capacity 12000BPH(500ML) WATER BOTTLE
Bottle Conditions Bottle Max Volume(ML) 680
Bottle Max Diameter(MM) Φ70
Bottle Neck(MM) Φ18 ~ Φ38
Bottle Max Height(MM) <240
Preform Max Height(MM) <115
Clamping Stroke(MM) 90
Bottom Stroke(MM) 50
Cavity Pitch (MM) 76.2
Heating Heating Units 6
Lamp Layers 8
Preform Tube pcs 144
Power Supply Voltage 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Running Power 38-45kw/h
Install Power 110kw
Air Supply Low Pressure Compressed Air 1Mpa
Low Pressure Compressed Air Consumption 3.0m3/min
High Pressure Compressed Air 3.5Mpa
High Pressure Compressed Air Consumption 10.0m3/min
Chilling Water Pressure 2-4bar
Chilling Water(Temperature≤18℃) Volume 9m3/h
Weight Main Machine/Heater/Electric Cabinet About 9000KG
Overall Size Main Machine(L×W×H) 5500mm×2600mm×2600mm
Preform Unscrambler (L×W×H) 4500mm×3500mm×3500mm

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