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Bottle filling capping and labeling machine

Model: XGF32-32-8

Rated Speed: 16000BPH(500ml)

Max Speed:18000BPH(500ml)

Air Dosage: 0.8M3/min

Total Power: 5.5KW

Weight: 7000KG




General description

This Machine Series is designed for water filling, like mineral water, still water, pure water etc.

Air conveyor is connected with 3-in-1 monoblock directly. Bottle transport adopts mouth-fixing way. Its advantages:

(1) When user needs to change bottle size but bottle diameter does not change or just changes a little, our machine no need to be adjusted to switch for different bottle size. When bottle diameter changes bigger, it only takes very short time within 10-30minutes to replace change-over parts. It is very convenient for user and saves the cost and time of switching bottle formats.

(2) It avoids second pollution to bottle mouth.

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