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DBXGF 18-18-6

The machine is special used for glass bottle carbonated drink filling; adopts high speed rotary automatic bottle rinsing, bottle bottom delivery conveyor manner, isobar mechanism valve, filling fast and high accuracy of filling liquid level. Rinsing//filling/capping 3-in-1 machine.



We introduce into Germany technology for the filling machine, and design & manufacture by ourselves with Isobaric filling principle.

☆ Filling valve adopts constant pressure mechanism valve, for normal temperature or high temperature filling, filling fast and high accuracy of filling liquid level. It is adopted double guide rod structure.

☆ With complete CIP cleaning function.

☆ With function of beverage inlet and beverage recycle automatic control, ensure material level in filling tank, small temperature change.

☆ The main drive adopts gear drive, with high efficiency, low noise, long life, easy maintenance, sufficient lubrication, grease can lubricate centralizing automatically, adopts transducer to the speed of main motor to control, the machine adopts step-less frequency conversion timing. The material for the whole platform and frame is carbon steel with stainless steel outside.

☆ The machine is automatically controlled by PLC, fault on line display, like bottle block, cap shortage etc.

☆ The key parts and electric elements of the machine are adopt import product.

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