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Double side and neck labeling machine

Double side and neck self-adhesive labeling machine



Product Features

◆This model is suitable for round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, oval, conical bottle, special-shaped bottle, realize single-sided side labeling, double side labeling and neck labeling, universal labeling station angle adjustment mechanism, adjustment It has a wide range. Adding a rubbing mechanism can complete square bottles with two-sided folding, three-sided folding and four-sided circumferential pasting; adding a round bottle mechanism can complete front and rear symmetrical pasting, all-around pasting, and fixed-point positioning labeling for round bottles, and it can be connected to high-speed filling lines. , Improve production efficiency, save costs, and can also be specially designed according to customer requirements.

◆Chinese and English operating system, using German Siemens PLC and servo motor closed-loop control to ensure high-speed and stable labeling operation is simple and easy to learn.

◆The bottle pressing mechanism adopts double vertical rods to support the joint stability. The arm type chain drive is different from the traditional gear drive. The transmission resistance is small, which improves the synchronization with the conveyor chain and prolongs the service life. The separate 9-section pressing belt products are in different positions. Both can be uniformly stressed, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the press belt.

◆The plastic belt has a large adjustable range of two-dimensional space adjustment. It adopts polymer materials and is specially designed to ensure accurate positioning of the object to be labeled and ensure the accuracy of labeling.

◆Using 750W high-power, high-torque, ultra-small inertia servo motor to deliver the standard, the delivery speed can reach 60m/min

◆Label feeder: It adopts three-column structure, 8-dimensional space adjustment, three-stage tension spring clutch control, and stable operation to achieve accurate label delivery.

Technical Parameters

Power supply 380V 50Hz 4KW
Labeling speed 60m/min
Maximum label diameter Φ350mm
Inner diameter of label paper core Φ76.2mm
Maximum label height 205mm
Minimum label height 15mm
The maximum size of the object diameter 20-120mm
Labeling accuracy ±1mm (related to the shape of the object)
Use air source 5KG
Machine size 3000*1500*1650mm

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

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