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High-speed round bottle automatic labeling machine RY-840

Rotary type self-adhesive labeling machine



Product Description

◆This model is suitable for packaging drinking water, food and beverage, condiment, cosmetics, medicine and other industries. It is specially used for round bottles, single-sided, full-week stickers.

◆Using rubber powered rubber roller drive and curved nylon plate to complete the labeling, especially suitable for high-demand all-around labeling, effectively reducing labeling errors.

◆Using 750W high-power, high-torque, ultra-small inertia servo motor to deliver the standard, the delivery speed can reach 60m/min

◆Chinese and English operating system, using German Siemens PLC and servo motor closed-loop control to ensure high-speed and stable labeling operation is simple and easy to learn.

◆Label feeder: It adopts three-column structure, 8-dimensional space adjustment, three-stage tension spring clutch control, and stable operation to achieve accurate label delivery.

◆It can be operated by a single machine or connected with a high-speed filling line to increase production costs. It can also be specially designed according to the requirements of use.

Technical Parameters

Power supply 220V 50Hz 1.2KW
Labeling speed 60m/min
Maximum label diameter Φ350mm
Inner diameter of label paper core Φ76.2mm
Maximum label height 205mm
Minimum label height 15mm
The maximum size of the object diameter 20-120mm
Labeling accuracy ±1mm (related to the shape of the object)
Use air source 5KG
Machine size 3000*1200*1500mm

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

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