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Name: PE Film Shrink-wrapper

Capacity: 22/28/32 Cases/minute

Applicable Products:  PET Bottle/Glass Bottle/Can

Film Rollers: Single Roller

Color Film Function: Yes




Specially designed for bulk packaging of beer, fruit juice, mineral water, dairy,condiment;  all sorts of drinks and beverages with or without bottom support.

Unique film layoff mechanism and constant tension film conveyor are adopted, featuring instantaneous film cutting, automatic film connecting and wrapping and higher strength after shrinking packing.

Equipped servo motor control system, bottle-feeding, film feeding, film cutting and film wrapping are accurate, synchronous, stable and reliable.

LCD touch-screen panel has a user-friendly interface and it is rapid for parameter setting and convenient for human-machine communication, operation and control.

Shrink tunnel uses unique air circulation system,smooth conveyor belts,providing long lasting service.



Model  HPMB26  HPMB30  HPMB35
Packing Speed  22pcs/min  28pcs/min  32pcs/min
Transfer Belt Width  610mm  686mm  686mm
Work Voltage/Power  380V, 50hz, 3 Phases
Power 58KW 58KW 58KW
Work Air Pressure  0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption  80NL/min-100NL/min
Machine Dimension  L13570mm*W2000mm*H2500mm  L16390mm*W1800mm*H2500mm  L16390mm*W1800mm*H2500mm
Shrinkage Tunnel Dimension  L2500mm*W700mm*H450mm  L2500mm*W700mm*H450mm  L2500mm*W700mm*H450mm
Max Package Dimension  L460mm*W280mm*H345mm  L460mm*W280mm*H345mm  L460mm*W280mm*H345mm
Total Weight  4850KG 5200KG 5200KG

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

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