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Name: High Speed Gantry Palletizer

Capacity: 42-60 Cases/minute

Applicable Products: Cartons, cases, bags, pouch bags

Max Loading Height:  1700mm

Max Loading Weight: 1600Kg




LCD color screen, friendly operation interface, parameter setting easily, pallet marshalling is in common use, strong adaptability

Coordinate axis translational pallet gripper: low transmission, high stacking, breaking the traditional high-speed palletizing machine can’t delivery in the form of low.

Adopt advanced manufacturing process, Adopt advanced manufacturing process: stacker crane column, beam slide rail and mounting holes are one-time installed and processed in high precision milling planer. High precision,low noise and more stable.

According to the instruction, the machine fully automatic operation, automatic fault detection and alarm, high safety and reliability. saving an area of 1/3 compared with the traditional stacker, energy consumption is 1/3 of the original.

Equipment can realize the cartons code stamping or shrink film packaging products. The machine is equipped with a variety of security measures.


Technical Paratmeters

Model HPMD55D
Capacity 42-60cases/min
Work Air Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Rated Power 23Kw
Weight 11000Kg
Dimension of Machine 14100mm*7900mm*4000mm
Max Loading Height 1700mm
Max Loading Weight 1600kg

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

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