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Name: Paper Carton Wrapper Packing Machine

Capacity: 25 Cartons/minute

Carton Type: One-piece Paper Carton

Set Unit: Carton Erector-Carton Packer-Carton Sealer




General Descriptions

This model is suitable for PET, PP bottles, glass bottles and Tetra Pak, transform bottle easy, and suitable for a variety of combinations of packaging.

Bottle feeding using steel mesh type conveyor of machine design, arranged in neat rows, can be divided into six rows based on need, or four rows of five rows into the bottle.

Using a robotic arm principle, let the paper and the product reaches the anchor point, and make the product down on paper gently, so that the structure of the machine is more reasonable and more stable and smoothly.

This model is rational design compared with conventional models,and save space.

Using import hot melt equipment, make the operation more convenient and simple, durable equipment. The packaged products with beautiful shape and store/transport convenient.


1.Adopts falling packaging method: small space occupied, reduce your investment costs, adopts international advanced design concepts, more advanced and reasonable structure, more light and stable, less power consumption.

2. Adopts Schneider touch screen, parameters on the man-machine interface is adjustable. production speed、fault location、malfunction visual , high degree of automation.

3. Adopts Schneider PLC and Schneider frequency converter to realize automatic control, precise position control and stepless speed regulation, communication ability fast, diagnostic function powerful, ensures reliability of the system. The operation is convenient, the structure is compact and reasonable, and the degree of automation is high.

4. Adopts IRTAC cylinder The quality and performance are reliable. It can satisfy high strength and long time work.

5. 95% electrical components are well-known brands introduced form Europe, stable and efficient.


Model HPZX25
Overall Dimension L6350mm*W2660mm*H2130mm
Molding Carton Dimension Max=480mm(L)*350mm(W)*315mm(H)
Capacity 20-23cartons/min
Power Supply Capacity 380V   8 Kw
Working Air Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 1000 NL/min

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

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