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Name: Paper Carton Wrapper Packing Machine

Capacity: 40 Cartons/minute

Carton Type: One-piece Paper Carton

Set Unit: Carton Erector-Carton Packer-Carton Sealer




Specially design for carton packing for beer, beverage, bottled Water, medicament, food etc bottle production line. Carton wrapping way,saves 1/5 cost than traditional packing type.

Machine adopts convergence system and touch screen to control every function of operation, can input, amend and memory different packing specification data.

This machine adopts cardboard one-time forming, unique technology of pressing carton, carton forming more solid with beautiful packing effect, the labor intensity of the operator is greatly reduced, and the requirements for the cardboard are greatly reduced.

Adopt known hot melt equipment, easy for operation, durable using. Packing effect is artistic and easy for store and transportation.

Delicate machine design figure and save space and safe.


Model HPZX40
Overall Dimension L10810mm*W4900mm*H2620mm
Formed Carton Dimension Max:480*320*340mm
Capacity 40cartons/min
Power Supply Capacity 380V 50Hz/13KW three phase
Hot-melt Adhesive Solidify Time 1.5~2S
Working Air Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Machine Weight 7000kg
Bottle Height 116~340(mm)
Bottle Diameter φ50~180(mm)

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

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