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Juice glass bottle filling machinery

1.Capacity : 12000BPH (500ml)
2. Suitable : Glass bottle 250ml-2000ml
3. Machine size : 3550x2650x2250mm
4.Machine electric brand : SIEMENS , MITSUBISHI
5.Machine power : 7.5KW
6. Machine weight : 4500kg


Rinsing Part

☆ It is rotary type, mainly sued for rinsing glass bottles send the bottles to the filling machine. It can be applied for alcohol, beverage, and water bottle rinsing.

☆ Renew stainless steel clip, simple structure, convenient adjustment; small area touch with bottle mouth, avoid the secondary pollution for the bottle mouth efficiently.

Filling Part

☆ We introduce into Germany technology for the filling machine, and design & manufacture by ourselves with hot filling principle.

☆ Filling valve adopts constant pressure mechanism valve, for normal temperature or high temperature filling, filling fast and high accuracy of filling liquid level. It is adopted double guide rod structure.

Capping Parts

☆ Cap Slide Rail is made of high quality stainless steel, fixed and fastened by position panels, with sanitary structure.

☆ The Slide Rail is made strictly according to cap size; caps run smoothly without damaging the cap.


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