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juice making machine beverage filling

Bottle Material: Glass
Bottle Cap: Aluminum
According to customer requirements
Bottle Volume: 100-2500ml
Production Speed: 1000-32000bph


☆ Automatically adjustable lifting to suit bottles of different heights.
☆ Bottle rinsing machine inlet pipe equipped with pressure gauge and stability valve.
☆ Bottle rinsing machine equipped with water collector to callback rinsed water.
☆ With complete CIP cleaning function.
☆ With function of beverage inlet and beverage recycle automatic control, ensure material level in filling tank, small temperature change.
☆ Cap Slide Rail is made of high quality stainless steel, fixed and fastened by position panels, with sanitary structure.
☆ The Slide Rail is made strictly according to cap size; caps run smoothly without damaging the cap.


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