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RFC 8-8-4B

Name: 3L/5L Big Bottle Water Filling Machine

Speed: 800BPH (5L)

Working Position: 8 Rinsing, 8 Filling, 4 Capping

Suitable Bottle: 3L-5L-6L-8L-10L

Filling: Mineral Water, Still Water, Pure Water




RFC automatic rinsing-filling-capping machine is exclusively used in producing 3/5 liter bottle water.

The production line can do automatically rinsing, filling, capping, bottle-out, with a good appearance, easy operate, low-loss energy & save water, high working efficiency and stability. The frame of the machine is welded by SU304 stainless steel square tube, with the characteristic of high intensity, good rigidity, light weight, aesthetic appearance, easy washing etc.

Main Configuration

1. Material of filling valve: Stainless steel SUS316L.

2. Material of rotary tray and machine platform of rinser and filler: Stainless steel SUS304.

3. Main motor: ABB (Switzerland)/ SEW (Germany).

4. Sliding bearing: Igus (Germany).

5. Frequency inverter: MITSUBISHI (Japan).

6. Touch screen: PRO-FACE (Japan).


8. Contactor: SIEMENS (Germany).

Breaker: SIEMENS (Germany).

Air switch: SCHNEIDER (France).

Pneumatic components: CAMOZZI (Italy).

9. Seals: Busak Shamban (U.S.A)/ SEALTECH (HK).

10. Photocell switch: Omron, Keyence, P F (Japan /Germany).

11. Proximity switch: TURCK (Germany).

Technical Parameter

Model RFC8-8-4B
Number of Working Positions Rinser 8, Filler 8, Capper 4
Rated Capacity 800 BPH(5 liter)
Filling Method Gravity Filling
Applicable Bottle PET Bottle, Diameter < 200 mm,Height < 330 mm
Applicable Cap Standard Screw Cap
Air Supply Pressure 0.4 MPa
Air Consumption 0.2M3/min
Rinsing Water Pressure 0.2~0.25 MPa
Rinsing Water Consumption About 1.0T/H
Rated Voltage 380V
Installed Power 4.18 KW
Dimensions 2500mm×2200mm×2600mm (L×W×H)
Machine Weight 3000Kg

Additional information

Function Heads
PET Water 32-32-10

L, M, XL


Blue, Dark Purple

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