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RXGF 18-18-6

This Machine Series is designed for non-carbonated beverages filling, like Juice, Tea Drink, Dairy Drink etc.Air conveyor is connected with washing filling and capping 3-in-1 monoblock directly. Bottle transport adopts neck-fixing way.




General Introduction

PET Bottled Water Filling Machine mainly refers to rinser-filler-capper 3-in-1 monobloc for water filling. We are using advanced filling technology, single filling valve with high speed filling speed; gravity filling valves or flow meter type valves. It is an ideal solution for PET bottled water plant. We have several models for choice:XGF18-18-6, XGF24-24-8,XGF32-32-10,XGF40-40-12,XGF50-50-15,XGF60-60-18.

 Applications:                                                                                                                                                                                                It is designed for mineral water, pure water, still water etc filling. Bottling Container: PET Bottles, commonly from 100ml to 2500ml, diameter 60-110mm, height 150-320mm, Caps: Plastic Screw Cap, Sports Cap or other common caps.

Technical Parameters

Model XGF18-18-6
Working Position No. Rinsing 18, Filling 18, Capping 6
Rated Speed 7000BPH(500ml)
Max Speed 8000BPH(500ml)
Air Pressure 0.7Mpa
Air Dosage 0.8M3/min
Rinsing Water Pressure 0.2-0.25Mpa
Rinsing Water Consumption 1.2T/H
Filling Way Gravity Filling
Main Motor Power 2.2KW
Total Power 3.5KW
Machine Size 2830*2130*2700mm
Weight 4200KG


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